Postnatal Recovery Massage

Postnatal Recovery Massage is a development of Closing the Bones but carried out on a massage table rather than the floor. Closing the Bones is a traditional postpartum ritual which helps a woman's body to heal and close following the birth of her baby. However, there is no time limit and it can still be a wonderfully healing and beneficial treatment however long ago you gave birth.

The treatment includes rocking the pelvis using a rebozo, massage of the abdomen and hips using a warming oil, further rocking and binding of the hips, followed by wrapping if desired. It also includes massage of the chest, shoulders, hands and feet. It is often done with the scent of Palo Santo wood in the background. You can find out more about it here

This treatment is available in the comfort of your own home and lasts around 90 minutes, including consultation and rest time. It costs £60. Please contact me for further enquiries and booking.

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