Carly & Jules

Anyone looking to complete a baby massage course with their little one I would highly recommend this course! Jules and I completed the course with Seeds of Love and really enjoyed it and always looked forward to this part of the week! We loved it so much we have signed up for the rolling baby massage course! highly recommend!

Sara & Finn

The baby massage course is great, both myself and Finn have loved it. Really relaxed class and we have learnt a lot to do at home as well. We are doing the rolling class we loved it so much! Tam is great teacher and also makes excellent tea and snacks which is a lovely perk on top 💕 a lovely calm hour which is often needed!

Gurdeep & Akaal

Great class and fabulous instruction by Tamzin. She runs a creative mum and baby class, where bubbas actually get a great yoga workout. 
It's highly engaging and held in a beautiful venue; ample parking and very accessible.
Don't today..this is hidden gem of a class!!!

Laura & Amelie

Both myself and Amelie loved the course. Adding nursery rhymes with the moves for the babies is a brilliant way to keep the babies attention. I found the course very informative, I will definitely be using some of the massage techniques I have learnt. Thank you Tam x

Catherine & Dev

My husband and I really enjoyed Tamzin’s Newborn Nurture workshop. I was at the end of my pregnancy at the time and it was a great opportunity to absorb some final useful tips!  Tamzin was relaxed, friendly and informative and I look forward to hopefully attending one of her baby massage courses soon

Sarah & Elsie

Elsie and I loved our baby massage course! Tamzin is lovely! 

Really enjoyed all our classes with Tamzin.

Catherine & Bobby

We loved taking the baby massage course with Tam. Baby Bobby really enjoys having a massage and is full of smiles when we do it at home. The emergency colic routine which Tam taught us is SO helpful too - saved us this afternoon when faced with a very distressed and windy Bobby. Thank you!

Sammie & Teddy

Teddy and I really enjoyed our time at Baby massage, Tamzin was extremely professional with a lovely calming way about her, she made us feel really comfortable especially when the babies fussed and cried. I feel like the baby massage course has given Teddy and me yet another way to be closer. Thank you for a wonderful course.

Sophie & Celeste

We had a lovely course of baby yoga. There was a good balance of baby exercises, mummy exercises and baby sensory. There was a really relaxed atmosphere and mums and babes all thoroughly enjoyed.

Seeds of Love



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